This Campaign is partly about hunting Undead and partly about the war between Good and Evil Dragons. Essentially, Good and Evil Dragons are at war, but in addition the forces of Evil are using Undead as a secret weapon to move the world toward the Evil side. The forces of Good have seen this and are trying to stop the Undead. They contact the Player Characters to fight this fight.

The Player Characters are supposed to fight the hordes of Undead, fight the hordes of the Evil Dragons and Save The World. In so doing, they get to kill lots of enemies, get lots of treasure and become very, very powerful.

Central to the campaign is a nifty artifact called the Jade Lance. It is much like the Dragonlance of the Dragonlance setting, but is heavily informed by the use of Jade to resist the effects of Taint in the Oriental Adventures setting.

The Campaign is E8 (Epic 8), which means that the highest level the Players can achieve is 8th. That means that spells above 4th level are almost non-existant (Raise Dead, for example would be an EPIC spell), and that 8th level characters are considered by everyone to be Legendary, Name-Level Characters. The Player Characters will be considered heroes pretty early in the Campaign.

The Campaign uses 3.5 Core (including PHB II and DMG II), the Complete books, some elements of the Eberron setting, Races of the Wild and Races of Destiny, Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magic. Some Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine issues also inform the setting.

Jade Lance Campaign